GreatSoft launches Australian partnership with NowInfinity

GreatSoft, a scalable cloud-based practice management suite of services, today announced it has joined forces with powerhouse fintech disruptor, NowInfinity, in a strategic move to further enhance client efficiencies.

The integration provides a framework for GreatSoft’s clients to work seamlessly across NowInfinity’s pioneering “5-in-1” platform to develop cloud-based solutions in practice management, compliance, documentation management, estate planning, trusts and SMSF’s.

CEO of GreatSoft, Brian Armstrong, said, “NowInfinity is renowned for its outstanding innovation in compliance, trusts, and documentation. As a leader in the fintech sector, NowInfinity is a natural choice for GreatSoft to join forces with as a cloud-based integration partner.

“The integration allows GreatSoft and NowInfinity to sync client changes and provides firms with a single view of all information associated with a client – ranging from practice management and company secretarial information to tax, superannuation, accounting, document management and CRM.”

Amreeta Abbott, founder and CEO of NowInfinity said, “NowInfinity is delighted to add GreatSoft as one of its cloud partners. GreatSoft shares our vision for fast, confidential, secure and scalable documentation and entity offerings. We look forward to collaborating with GreatSoft to accelerate the adoption of transformative solutions.”

The collaboration fosters an open approach to integrating with compliance-based software providers and gives accounting firms the freedom and flexibility to create a truly integrated cloud-based practice ecosystem.

For further information contact:

Karen Farrell, NowInfinity Communications Manager
M: 0425 275 611 / E:

Brian Armstrong, GreatSoft CEO
T: 1800 101 777 / E:

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