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Mobile Time and Expenses on the GO!

GreatSoft GO! Is an easy to use mobile app for your Android or IOS device. 


Check Out These Awesome Features !

• Mobile Timesheets on the GO!
• Calendar Access on the GO!
• GPS Mileage tracking on the GO!
• Expense Capture on the GO!

Mobile Timesheets

GreatSoft GO! allows staff to capture timesheets from calendar entries on a mobile phone. With integration directly to GreatSoft your time is instantly available for submission, approval and reporting.

Integration to your calendar allows GO! to automate the start and duration of your time spent on a task; the rest is up to you!


Expense Capture

Have an out of pocket expense you need to claim; with GreatSoft GO! you can easily turn this expense into a disbursement.

Capture the expense in the payment currency and allow GO! to submit this to your disbursements with the currency conversion automatically applied.

Mileage Tracking

Heading to a client? Want the trip automatically captured to your disbursements?

GreatSoft GO! harnesses GPS technology to track your movement. Whether you are on foot, in your car or using public transport, GreatSoft GO! captures your distance, time and route.


Mileage Capture

GreatSoft GO! Allows staff to capture mileage not recorded in the application. Distance is converted into the rate used by the firm for Chargeable or Non-Chargeable Entries.



GreatSoft GO! is compatible with Android and IOS devices

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